Latex Gas Migration Control Additive

Versatility for Diverse Conditions

Latex Gas Migration Control Additive

High Temperature Anti-gas Migration Agent

Gas migration during drilling or well-completion procedures has long been recognized as one of the most troublesome problems and the most dangerous as well. Preventing gas migration needs an integrated approach, which fluid loss of the cement is only one of the relevant parameters. Therefore gas migration control has to be the most important issue for well cementing job.

Our Latex Gas Migration Control Additive is a unique anti-gas migration agent which delivers excellent bonding properties, compressive strength and long-term well durability under extreme, dynamic conditions. This additive controls gas migration and fluid loss without adversely affecting the rheology or stability of the slurry. Latex particles of this product coalesce to form a low-permeability film and block further migration into the cement in a wide range of temperatures, densities, and cement systems.
In fact this is an effective and versatile anti-gas migration and fluid loss control additive that works over different conditions and can be used in combination with alkali swellable rheology modifiers, which are activated by the alkalinity of the cement formulation.

Temperature range: between 100 °C and 200 °C.



  • Enhancement of cement slurry gel strength.
  • Alkali and acidic chemical resistance.
  • Environmentally friendly formulation.
  • Improved fluid loss prevention.

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Prevent Gas Flow through Unset Cement

Due to Latex Gas Migration Control Additive remarkable bonding properties and compressive strength, this additive shows a great performance. To clarify it, the thickening time of Class G cement slurry holding 4% BWOC of this product measured according to API and the following graph clearly shows its performance.


Property Value
Appearance Milky White Liquid
Particle Diameter 0.15 Microns
pH 11
Solids Content 45%

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