Micronized Rubber Powder Solution

Saving Energy and Green Enhancements

Micronized Rubber Powder Solution

Evolution of a Cost-Effective Solution
With You Towards Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Renew Strategies

Micronized rubber powder is a term applied to recycled rubber powder in micro dimensions produced from tires. Micronized Rubber Powder solution signifies a momentous development compared with earlier post-manufactured rubber processing technology. As a process aid and compound extender micronized rubber powder balances the use of natural and synthetic rubbers. The Micronized rubber power drastically reduces the environmental impact of scrap tires by converting waste materials into valuable products performing equivalent or higher than oil-based resins and decrease of CO2 emission. The use of micronized rubber powder can also give enhanced performance to the customer products, such as water and weathering resistance, sound and vibration dampening, durability, flexibility, crack resistance and heat absorption.

Highly Purified Micronized Rubber

Micronized Rubber powder is a multipurpose, high-performance, environmentally-safe, sustainable, durable and economic raw material. It is made of tire components including natural rubber, nitrile rubber, butyl rubber, styrene butadiene rubber and EPDM rubber. Micronized Rubber are highly purified and 99.5% metal and fiber free.

For delivering value across a variety of global markets including asphalt, plastics, construction materials, coatings and other applications, DOSAS offers a wide range of particle size for Micronized Rubber.

Micronized Rubber can be used in acrylic, epoxy, power and roofing coatings, asphalt, sealers, cement mortars, oilfield, underlayment, water barrier membranes, automotive brake pads and blocks.

Micronized Rubber Series

High Dispersible Micronized rubber powders

Product Name Description
Micronized Rubber™ 270 Containing less than 10% particle size of 50 µm and more than 90% particle size of >50 µm.
Micronized Rubber™ 140 Containing less than 10% particle size of 105 µm, about 60% particle size of 75-105 µm and more than 30% particle size of < 75 µm.
Micronized Rubber™ 80 Containing less than 10% particle size of 177 µm, about 60% particle size of 105-177 µm and more than 30% particle size of < 105 µm.
Micronized Rubber™ 40 Containing less than 10% particle size of 400 µm and more than 90% particle size of >400 µm.

Qualified Rubber Reinforcement

Micronized Rubber powders are quality controlled at our laboratories to investigate the properties of each product. The control and consideration of particle size and size distribution is the key parameter to determine both physical and chemical properties of rubber powders. Our technicians and experts standardized Micronized Rubber products according to ASTM D5603-01 and other standard test methods.