Nano Surfactant Technology

Nanotechnology, A Highway Towards Enhanced Flowback

Nano Surfactant Technology

Versatility In Sync

Nanotechnology significantly improves fluid flowback after fracturing operations. Nano surfactant is Nanoparticle with the hydrophilic and lipophilic functional groups. The rising demand to maximize production from existing oilfields has led to the development of unique Nano surfactant technology.
DOSAS Nanotechnology form thermodynamically stable micelles which effectively reduces the tendency of Nano surfactant adsorption on the hydraulic fracture face area. This enables Nano surfactants to flow deeper and enhance its flowback by decreasing the interfacial tension, thus enhancing the oil production from shale or tight reservoirs.

DosSurf™ 100 Nano Surfactant is Combination of Non-ionic and Amphoteric Nano Surfactants

Change Creates New Perspectives

Nanoparticles surfactant, DosSurf™ 100 Nano Surfactant, reduce interfacial tension to less than 10 mN/m between oil and water, lead to releasing residual oils remained inside pores.


  • In shale or tight formations for flowback enhancement
  • In water-based stimulation treatments for flowback productivity increase
  • In disposal or injection wells for water injection rate enhancement
  • In gas storage wells for injectivity and deliverability increase


DosSurf™ 100 Nano Surfactant Reduces the Contact Angle with Crude Oils

DosSurf™ 100 Nano Surfactant reduces surface and interfacial tensions.
Nano surfactant shows the lowest contact angle indicating more ability to water-wet the surface. It maximizes oil relative permeability.



DosSurf™ 100 Nano Surfactant Shows the Highest Water Recovery

DosSurf™ 100 Nano Surfactant results in the highest water recovery determined as a percentage of initial water in the column compared with commercial surfactants.

DosSurf™ 100 Nano Surfactant Enhances Fluid Flowback in Your Stimulation Operation, Increases Your Performance and Reduces Your Operation Cost

Only one third of the total oil in the reservoir can be recovered using conventional oil recovery techniques. Nanoparticles have promising functions in enhanced oil recovery processes due to their capability in changing oil recovery mechanisms and helping the trapped oil in the reservoir pore to exit.

Gain Insight for Linking Nanochemistry to Surfactant

Nanoparticle surfactant, have been applied as flowback additives to lower interfacial tension to overcome capillary effect, and improve water recovery by minimizing fracture face damage due to water blockage.

DosSurf™ 100 Nano Surfactant is a unique aqueous product, which makes it compatible with any type of fracturing or acidizing fluids.

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