Non-Scaling H2S Scavenger

Scavenging Performance Effective Over Wide pH Ranges

Non-Scaling HS Scavenger


Conventional scavengers create undesirable side effects including solids generation, scaling, corrosion, and emulsion issues. In contrast, the DoScav™ 400 non-scaling H2S Scavenger does not produce solid reaction products, meaning that you no longer need demulsifiers, scale inhibitors, or corrosion inhibitors—minimizing potential processing problems further downstream.


Fast and effective scavenging performance in the Water Phase


DoScav™ 400 is a water and brine soluble product which scavenges H2S from partitioning into the water phase of a multiphase flow system and translates to higher H2S removal capacity.

Download DoScav™ 400 H2S Scavenger Brochure


Minimal pH Impact


DoScav™ 400 in its product form has a neutral pH, which is improved handling over other scavengers. Unlike triazine which is highly dependent on pH for scavenging performance, DoScav™ 400 can scavenge H2S independent of pH.


Treatment and Dosage Recommendations


Effective treatment with DoScav™ 400 non-scaling H2S Scavenegr is aided by full understanding of the system specifications. Models have been developed for treatment optimization based on water/oil/gas production, system flow rates and flow parameters (pipe distances and diameters).

Pinpoint the most effective treatment


To optimize your scavenging solution,
work with DOSAS application experts

DOSAS enables simulation and monitoring of the impact of the operational parameters on the H2S scavenging from point of injection to point of analysis to facilitate the reaction rate, and reaction time, and optimize the dosage rate and pinpoint the most effective treatment location for your system

Get assured H2S scavenging from a compatible solution

This product has been designed based on an engineered formulation for use in downhole injection and fluid gathering systems. The innovative chemistry of DoScav™ 400 non-scaling H2S Scavenger delivering unique benefits that overcome the common shortcomings of conventional alternatives and provides high compatibility with most of the production chemicals and therefore is a feasible ingredient option for multifunctional compositions.

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