Oilfield Biocide Solution

Biocides Control Harmful Microorganisms to Safeguard the Assets

Biocide Solution

Biocides Designed to Kill and Inhibit the
Growth of Troublesome Oilfield Bacteria

Bacteria may be introduced into an oil or gas reservoir or a downstream operation through a number of processes such as drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and water injection. An effective long-term preservative biocide is the best solution for the control of the bacteria responsible for these problems.

Microbial control in the oil and gas sector is important for safe and reliable operations. Biocides are utilized to control the growth of various types of bacteria. In particular, controlling the growth of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) is critical for minimizing the formation of hydrogen sulfide.

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Challenges That Our Biocides Deal With:

  • Providing complete protection against H2S for multiphase systems
  • Ensuring efficacy across a wide range of temperatures, from sub-zero (high viscosity/poor pumpability) up to 350°C (thermostability)
  • Meeting diverse needs for free/low water content for various applications
  • Fate of the reaction products (post-addition)
  • Efficient H2S scavenging with conventional products generally requires a surplus of H2S scavenger

Fast Acting THPS Biocides

BioDos™ are specifically designed to kill or inhibit the growth of a number of troublesome bacteria typically found in and around oilfield applications, such as acid-producing bacteria (APB) and sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB). A successful, fast-acting and powerful microbiocide, designed to eliminate bacteria from oilfield water flood operations or fracturing fluids in oil and gas reservoirs.

Product Name Description
BioDos™ PSB-100 Phosphonium Sulfate Biocide Designed to eliminate bacteria from oilfield water flood operations or fracturing fluids in oil and gas reservoirs

THPS Biocide for Fracturing Applications

Specifically designed to deliver added value solutions to microbial problems encountered in all stages of gelled fluid and slick water hydraulic fracturing applications.

  • All formulations are compatibility enhanced to ensure optimum pumping performance of gel and slick water treatment programs
  • Enhanced speed of killing and performance against all problematic bacteria, including acid producing bacteria.
  • Synergistic control of FeS for superior control and mitigation blackwater
  • Designed and supported by industry and application experts