Oilfield Chelating Agent Solution


Oilfield Chelating Agent Solution

Accelerate Metal Ion Control
Attain For Every Application

In the last few decades, several Chelating Agent Solution have been proposed to remove and mitigate formation damage to improve the productivity and injectivity of oil and gas wells. Scales are one of the most severe forms of formation that can lead to clogging and prevent fluid flow in the wellbore, production tubing, valve, casing, perforations and downhole equipment.

ChelaTreat™ are widely applicable in various oilfield applications like completion, stimulation, pickling and scale removal to dissolve undesirable precipitation such as SrSO4, BaSO4 and CaCO3 and iron scales. Furthermore, they can prevent iron precipitation during acidizing and fracturing processes.

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Oilfield Chelating Agent Solution

In fact, they are the most profitable chelates, because of their cost effectiveness and versatility. Compared to other less effective Chelating Agent Solution, the ChelaTreat™  are stable over a wider range of temperatures and pH values, have a stronger affinity for metals and are thus significantly more efficient. They also have good water solubility and are inert to most chemicals.

Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid

The most applicable, very strong, cost effective and general purpose Oilfield Chelating Agent Solution.

Product Name Description
ChelaTreat™ R-25 Scale Remover Slightly acidic upon dissolving in water, very effective against iron-containing scales

L-glutamic acid N,N-diacetic acid

The green and strong Oilfield Chelating Agent Solution in our product range. A safe and readily biodegradable chelating agent, as an alternative for NTA, EDTA, phosphates and phosphonates, especially in cleaning applications.

Product Name Description
ChelaTreat™ R-15 Scale Remover Highly purity product with main part originates from natural sustainable source

Methylglycine N,N-diacetic acid

A safe and readily biodegradable strong Oilfield Chelating Agent Solution, as an alternative for NTA, EDTA, phosphates and phosphonates, especially in short contact time cleaning applications.

Product Name Description
ChelaTreat™ R-35 Scale Remover

Diethylene triamine pentaacetic

Applicable when an exceptional strong Oilfield Chelating Agent Solution is needed, such as during peroxide bleaching of pulp. It remains more effective under oxidizing conditions. It is also especially suitable for descaling in oilfield applications.

Product Name Description
ChelaTreat™ R-45 Scale Remover Specialised DTPA product, especially recommended for barium and strontium scales

Hydroxyethyl ethylene diamine triacetic

A Oilfield Chelating Agent Solution with similar efficacy to EDTA, but with less hazard phrases and pictograms . Particularly useful when high solubility is critical at low pH and for stabilizing iron ions at high pH.

Product Name Description
ChelaTreat™ R-55 Scale Remover Standard HEDTA product, suitable for iron scales, does not form a solid precipitate in contact with strong acids

Choosing Right ChelaTreat

ChelaTreat™  can be used directly in chemical processes or formulated as water soluble products.
We can discuss your process to establish which product should be used.

  • Type and quantity of metal ions as well as the anions involved in the process
  • The strength of the complex formed between the metal ion and the chelating agent
  • The stability or equilibrium constant (K), expressed as log K, has been determined for many metals and chelating agents.