Oilfield Scale Dissolver

Gain Unprecedent Dissolution Rate and Facilitate Clean-Up

DOSAS Formulated Oilfield Scale Dissolvers

Address scale problems and incorporate strategies to facilitate clean-up in the production system remediation

Chemical scale removal is often the first, and lowest cost approach, especially when the scale is not easily accessible. With chemically reactive scales such as calcium carbonate, acid treatment to cut through the scale blockage is a traditional practice that makes concerns about corrosion. Strong chelating agents break up the acid-resistant scale by isolating the scale metallic ions.

However, chelants are slow to react and often offer minimal liquid saturation points. Consequently, the surface area to volume ratio is low and the speed and efficiency of the removal process are too slow to make this chemical treatment a practical removal method. When these processes are ineffective, production operators are often forced to shut down production, move-in workover rigs, pull damaged tubing out of the well, and replace the tubing.

DOSAS has developed a series of optimized SD formulations, which dissolve various hard scales by proton release, chelation, or a combination of both. A Specialty formulation of oilfield scale dissolver with a low emulsion tendency catalytic activator enhances the rate of dissolution of oil-wet scale deposits and has proven effective with a wide variety of scales including carbonates, sulphates, and exotic mixed scales.

Different Types of Scale Dissolver Solutions

A Precision Interpretation Yields Accurate Solution

The best oilfield scale dissolver can be formulated by knowing the exact composition of the scale, and its physical/chemical properties. The effective component of the oilfield scale dissolver in one well might not be effective in other wells due to the different nature of the scales.

DoSolx™ oilfield scale dissolvers are formulated to prevent re-deposition of the scales, eliminating long soak times or extended shut-in periods, acquiring high dissolution at any temperature, and decreasing the corrosive towards most encountered oilfield metallurgies which are the common failures of many other chemical treatments.

Barium Sulphate Scale Dissolver

Barium sulfate deposits have long plagued oil field and gas production operations. These scales interfere with fluid flow, enhance corrosion, cause production losses, result in equipment replacement, damage equipment, and may host bacteria.

Product Name Description
DoSolx™ Barium Sulphate Scale Dissolver Specialty formulation for efficient dissolution of barium sulphate scale deposits.

Iron Sulfide Scale Dissolver

Iron sulfide can cause production problems by depositing in and near the perforations. These deposits can restrict the flow of production fluids. Wherever iron sulphide deposits form there is also a higher risk of under deposit corrosion.  This type of damaging corrosion can cause leaks shutdowns and costly equipment replacement.

Product Name Description
DoSolx™ Iron Sulfide Scale Dissolver Unique blends for dissolves the iron sulfide as well as dispersants to keep the wells clean.

How We Creat a Customized Scale Dissolver Solution

Our wellbore scale dissolver solutions provide a smooth and complete transition from the reservoir to the point of sale.

Following thorough water and solid analysis, we use industry-proven chemicals—including versatile scale dissolvers, water-wet surfactants, and synergist additives—to create a customized cleanup solution for your well.

Share your process challenge with us, DOSAS experts are here to create any solutions for you.