Performance Materials

It All Starts Here, Imagine A World Without Performance Material

Performance Materials

Going Beyond Technologies Creating Tailor Made Solutions

Nowadays, there is no challenge that cannot be solved using performance materials. Performance materials including polymers and composites produce a variety of products on a global scale that lead to innovative solutions in almost every sector of the market. These valuable materials have opened a bright perspective for us to develop new technologies for future specially in green energy industries.

DOSAS performance material Division serves the market segments ranging from energy, automotive and transportation, construction, electronics, oil and gas, packaging and functional coatings.

Considering science and technology as a guide, at DOSAS we work to offer you the versatile solution, together with innovation and development of our wide range of performance materials, continuously with the objective of satisfying the needs of our customers.


Intersection of Architecture with Today’s Advanced Technology
AR GlassFiber Solution in concrete adds high mechanical properties and flexibility to the light-weight final glassfiber reinforced concrete (GRC). Common glassfiber shows low resistance against alkali attack of cement.

Combining Modern and Classical Technologies

DOSAS closely work along with the industry to ensure our customers succeed in the market place. We have a deep understanding of our customer challenges. We are able to combine new and classical technologies to meet the needs related to increasing the properties, performance and longevity of common products.