Maximize Your Oil and Gas Field Asset Value Using Production Optimization Solution

Production Optimization

Production Optimization refers to the various activities of measuring, analyzing, modelling, prioritizing and implementing actions to enhance productivity of a field: reservoir/well/surface . Production Optimization is a fundamental practice to ensure recovery of developed reserves while maximizing returns.

We are committed to helping our customers achieve production optimization, from reservoir to refinery. One of the methods employed is an integrated approach to production optimization, with full analysis, whether the project be for a single well, a cluster of wells, or in full field development projects.

Our expertise can help you with:

  • Well performance optimization
  • Flow assurance problems
  • Facility debottlenecking
  • Gas lift optimization
  • Production system optimization
  • Reservoir optimization including water flooding
  • Review with a structured and systematic workshop method the opportunities for short and medium term optimization of the wells and facilities

Remote Action to Better Control Reservoir, Well, and Production Processes


Production Optimization, along with Reservoir Management, is a central part of our company’s field development and deliverability strategy. Key factor in production optimization is the capability to mitigate formation damage during well construction and production routine operations. Formation damage mitigation can be accomplished assuring that operational details are achieved before reaching the pay zone to the last production parameters recorded.

All oil and gas field operators are continuously attempting to increase production and reduce costs from their assets. Production optimization of wells, facilities and reservoirs is an ongoing activity, but sometimes help from outside is needed to get you to the next level.

DOSAS  is in a unique position to help you find solutions to your challenges. We provide independent advice and offer a wide selection of services aimed at maximizing the value of your assets.

Integrated Project, for Production Optimization

Single Well Integrated Production Optimization Workflow:

  • Data Gathering
  • Single Well Modelling
  • Optimization Identification
  • Solution Design
  • Production Forecast/Economic Analysis

Cluster or Full Field Integrated Production Optimization Workflow:

  • Data Gathering
  • Full Field Production Data Analysis
  • Cluster or Full Field Optimization
  • Cluster or Full Field Modelling
  • Production Forecast/Economic Analysis