Remedial Engineered Particle Size Solution

Excellent Low Permeability Cement

Remedial Cement Solution
Mitigates Cracks or Leaks in Poor Cement Jobs

Microannuli, leaking liners and old perforations are just some of the problems that may remain even after multiple cement jobs. Remedial Cement Solution is specifically designed to solve these problems by enabling more efficient low viscosity slurry penetration into narrow gaps without bridging or dehydrating during placement. It even penetrates farther and more efficiently than standard oil well cement.

Remedial Engineered Particle Size Cement Solution are resistant to acid and corrosive brine, allowing the cement to seal old perforations even when future acid stimulations are planned. These cement slurries are used to repair channels, casing leaks, pores, and cracks with size as low as 130 µm.

Each REPS slurry is individually designed for a specific well condition. The stresses that the cement sheath will experience over the well’s life are predicted. Then, the system’s mechanical properties are customized using the REPS trimodal particle-size distribution technology to accommodate the predicted stresses.

REPS Cement slurries must have specific rheological and fluid loss values before pumping/using the mixture downhole to repair any cracks. This slurry must have very low viscosity because it is used to repair pores.


  • No sedimentation
  • Fluid loss values are less than 20 mL/30 min

Fluid Loss:

  • Plastic viscosity less than 65 cP
  • Yield stress value less than 9 lbf/100 ft2

Thickening Time:

  • No premature gelling and moderate 30 Bc-to-100 Bc time