DosDur™ Self-sealing Particle

Ability to Maintain and Repair of Cement Sheath

DosDur™ Self-sealing Particle

DosDur™ is currently utilized as a seepage loss control additive in downhole cementing applications. During the swelling test of the product material in oil, the ground DosDur™ swells in hydrocarbons to induce the self-sealing of the cement.

Since durability of the sheath is impaired by cracks in the cement sheath, DosDur™ has the ability to maintain and repair of cement structures. The product heals the micro-cracks which grow in cement sheath.

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Swelling Test

A test was performed to show swelling property of DosDur™ self-sealing particle in oil for 45 min. Subsequently, filtration of oil was performed to filter off the excess of oil and obtain DosDur™ self-healing particle. Finally, Swelling Test of DosDur™ self-sealing particle product in oil shows increase in weight indicating fluid absorbance by the material.


Property Value Value
Appearance - Black Powder
Bulk Density lb/ft3 31.2
Lower Limits of Micron Range - 200
Upper Limits of Micron Range - 830
Mesh - 20

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