H₂S Scavenger

Eradicating H₂S, Preserving Resources

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    H₂S Scavenger

    H₂S Neutralization,
    Science-Backed, Field-Proven

    In a H₂S-containing solution, there exists several species, H₂S, hydrogen bisulfide, and elemental sulfide. For an acid fracturing process, the pH is below 7, the majority of the sulfide will be in the form of H₂S. Therefore an acid fracturing fluid formulation design needs to consider the selection of an appropriate H₂S scavenger. In addition to its pre-existence in the reservoir, H₂S can also come from the acidizing process. Iron sulfide deposit can form in the tubular or near wellbore or being a part of the mineral composition in the rock matrix. H₂S is a reaction product of acid dissolving iron sulfide.

    Iron Sulfide Scale Dissolver

    DoSolx™ ISD specifically designed to remove Iron sulfide scale and manage microbial challenges in reservoirs contain souring agents. It provides comparable dissolving capacity to strong acids, low corrosivity to steel, no release of H₂S gas, stability at high temperatures, and prevents reprecipitation of dissolved scales.


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    Evaluation of H₂S Scavengers
    for Stimulation Treatment

    DOSAS provides test methodologies designed to evaluate the scavenging performance of these products and their impact on other areas of stimulation, such as scale formation and control, and compatibility with other fracturing and acidizing additives.