WaterCurb™ LMW-5

Low Molecular Weight Polymer Technology

WaterCurb™ LMW-5

WaterCurb™ LMW-5 is a water shut off additive to form a strong rigid gel. The product is crosslinkable copolymer based on low molecular weight polymer and rate of gelation is controllable through crosslinker concentration and temperature.

It can be crosslinked with inorganic and organic crosslinkers to form stable gels with the strength and kinetic properties to control water conformance. Crosslinking agents used in chemical water shutoff treatments have a direct effect on the characteristics of the resulting gel, such as the gelling time, gel strength, the end application, and the stability at varying temperatures and salinities.

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Zone Abandonment Polymer

Crosslink density of WaterCurb™ LMW-5 depend on reservoir conditions and density of gel depend on brine/mix water used. The viscosity is stable at high temperatures, e.g. 10 Pa.s at 130 °C. Set-up Time or Gelation time of this product is typically 60-65 minutes at 80 °C.


Properties Typical Value
Appearance White Free-Flowing Microbead
Molecular Weight Low
Bulk Density Approx 0.75 g/cm3
Viscosity High–viscosity is stable at high Temperatures, e.g. 10 Pa.s at 10-1s, 130 °C
Acid Solubility Crosslink is pH dependent therefore acid may affect gel

It is recommended that testing be carried out prior to use, to ensure compatibility with other fluids systems encountered, and to confirm the intended application. Please Contact Us to advise laboratory testing and guidelines in the oilfield.

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