WaterCurb™ RPM


WaterCurb™ RPM

There is a specific set of criteria for the well to meet in terms of completion and production, in order to be considered a suitable candidate for WaterCurb™ RPM, and for a treatment to be effective.  DOSAS technical team may guide you in the application and execution of treatments utilising WaterCurb™ RPM.

WaterCurb™ RPM is a large and crosslinked microgel technology for water shut-off treatments and other conformance operations that reduces permeability of water and thus reduce water production.


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Relative Permeability Modifier

WaterCurb™ RPM is the class of chemicals that cause socalled disproportionate permeability reduction (DPR). The polymer adsorption onto formation lowers the permeability to water with little change to the permeability to oil. Our innovative hydrophilic microgel attract water and repel oil and subsequently exert a drag force on water flow in the permeable zone with minimal effect on oil flow.


Properties Typical Value
Appearance White Solid Powder
Solubility Dispersible in Cold Water
Melting Point >250 °C
Granulometry ~32 μm

WaterCurb™ RPM is a self-repulsive water-soluble material, which adsorbs onto rock surface with thickness equal to their diameter, to reduce permeability of water as a function of initial permeability in each layer. Please Contact Us for more information.

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