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DOSAS’ experienced Oil & Gas team has decades of experience in serving the customers in upstream, midstream and downstream. At DOSAS, we are working with a mindset to be a long term trusted advisor for our Customers, while fulfilling their needs for quality products with an efficient, reliable and always customer first focus.

Refinery Chemicals
Drilling Fluids

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DOSAS is an oilfield goods and equipment supplier to the Eastern Hemisphere market. DOSAS network ranges from Europe, North Africa and Middle East regions. DOSAS distribution channel manager looks each corner of the available logistic network to ensure complete fulfillment and just-in-time delivery at best market cost to Customer.


In an oilfield the oil is generally mixed with gas, production water and contaminants. In the oil treatment plant the gases, water, and contaminants are separated from the oil. Then the stabilized oil is ready to be shipped by oil tankers.

Gas Treatment Chemicals

The gas separated from the oil is gathered in a gas plant where it is dehydrated and processed to recover the heavy fractions and to remove sulphur compounds. The treated gas can then be transported by pipeline.

Drilling Fluids

Drilling Fluids (often referred to as Drilling Mud) fill many functions in the successful drilling and completion of an oil or gas well.

Cementing Chemicals

Cementing additives are used during and after the drilling function, when casing strings need to be cemented into the well bore.

Stimulation Chemicals

Stimulation treatments, such as hydraulic fracturing and acidizing, can create, enhance or restore a well’s productivity. Increasing a well’s reservoir flow can also maximize its profitability.

Production & Refinery chemicals

An oil refinery is an industrial process plant where crude oil is processed and refined into more useful products such as petroleum naphtha, gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt base, heating oil,kerosene, and liquefied petroleum gas.


  • Environment, Safety and Health(ESH) and Quality

  • The work we do is driven by our commitment to sustainable development. We consistently are increasing our awareness of natural resource constraints, putting a new emphasis on resource productivity. We try to deliver growth with fewer resources and less environmental impact.

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  • Vison for suitability

  • From energy efficient operations and sustainable products to active engagement in communities across the globe, DOSAS knows first hand that sustainability is beneficial to our business, our customers, our communities and our world.

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  • Sustainability Framework

  • Our strategy is inspired by a newly defined core purpose. It forms the overarching vision for our five pillars for sustainability. Each of these pillars holds a number of objectives which we are working towards incorporating into our everyday activities.

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  • Reach

  • REACH is the European Union’s regulation for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. Is one of the strongest regulatory changes ever to hit the chemical industry and affects the chemical industry and all consumers.

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