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About Us


At DOSAS, we stand as a leading global manufacturer of specialty and intermediate chemicals, dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enhance resource efficiency, increase production, and maximize the utilization of existing hydrocarbon resources. Our commitment goes beyond delivering products; we actively engage with our customers, collaborating to understand their unique challenges and seize opportunities.

As a trusted partner across diverse industries, DOSAS boasts a Research and Development team of 22 skilled chemists, continuously bringing forth cutting-edge solutions. We work closely with our customers to enhance their success and operational efficiency. Our ongoing journey involves expanding our product portfolio, introducing diverse chemistries that benefit the environment and contribute to human well-being, meeting the evolving needs of a growing population. Notably, over 40 percent of our products offer energy-related savings, bio-renewability, or reduced environmental impact.

Driven by the science of tomorrow, DOSAS is not just a chemical solutions provider; we are manufacturers committed to empowering our customers to succeed today. Our unwavering focus on responsible operations and integrity underscores our dedication to making a positive impact in the manufacturing and chemical industries.


Research & Development

At DOSAS, our robust research and development capabilities, coupled with extensive application expertise, a secure supply network, and a comprehensive technology portfolio, make us a trusted, efficient, and sustainable partner for our customers.

Analytical Sciences

At DOSAS, our Analytical Sciences Division plays a pivotal role in driving innovation at every stage of our product development process. Our dedicated team provides invaluable support through method development and the generation of analytical data crucial for product specification, quality control, scale-up, and product safety.

DOSAS a chemical manufacturer is driven by a mission to redefine industry standards through innovation and sustainability. Our core values, deeply embedded in our company culture, emphasize integrity, collaboration, and customer-centricity. We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers, fostering a workplace that nurtures creativity, and conducting business with the highest ethical standards.

As a chemical manufacturer, our vision is to be a trailblazer in shaping a future where chemical solutions not only meet but anticipate the evolving needs of our global community. We aspire to be recognized as leaders in sustainable practices, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the specialty chemicals industry. Our vision encompasses a world where DOSAS is synonymous with groundbreaking advancements and responsible stewardship of resources.

DOSAS' strategy revolves around a holistic approach to innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainable growth. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, fostering strategic partnerships, and prioritizing environmentally conscious practices, we, as a chemical manufacturer, aim to consistently outpace market expectations. Our strategic roadmap is dynamic, adapting to market trends and challenges, ensuring we remain agile in an ever-evolving business landscape.

At the heart of DOSAS, a chemical manufacturer, lies a core capability rooted in our ability to develop and deliver tailor-made chemical solutions. Our Competence Centers, specializing in Innovatively Formulated Solutions and Chemically Engineered Technologies, serve as engines of innovation, enabling us to swiftly respond to industry demands. This core capability not only sets us apart but propels DOSAS as a reliable partner for those seeking unmatched expertise and forward-thinking solutions in the realm of specialty chemicals.

Our businesses

Our profound chemical knowledge is concentrated within our two specialized Competence Centers: Innovatively Formulated Solutions and Cutting-edge Technologies. These centers serve as the nucleus of our innovation, driving the evolution of chemical solutions to meet the dynamic demands of the industry.

Innovatively Formulated Solutions

Leverage cutting-edge approaches
to address complex challenges

Chemically Engineered Technologies

Seamlessly combining creativity and expertise
to deliver unparalleled results

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