About Us

We Are DOSAS, Pioneer of an Innovative Chemistry


At DOSASwe aim to provide innovative chemical solutions for resource efficiency, increase production and make the most out of their existing hydrocarbon resources. We take pride in engaging our customers, identifying their unique challenges, and helping them capture opportunities.

DOSAS is a global specialty and intermediate chemical company that has been serving a broad range of industries. DOSAS’ Research and Development team of 22 chemists brings innovative solutions to the market and works alongside our customers to help them be successful in their markets and be more efficient in the delivery of their products and technologies. As we deliver solutions, we will expand our product portfolio with diverse chemistries that benefit the environment, promote human well-being, and meet the needs of a growing population. DOSAS is proud that more than 40 percent of our products offer energy-related savings, biorenewability, or reduced environmental impact.

DOSAS is fueled by the science of tomorrow to help our customers succeed today. We will continue our resolute focus on operating responsibly with integrity.

Adding to your

We turn hopes, into opportunities, and operational challenges, into achievements.


Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide integrated chemistry solutions for our customers. We aim for sustainability, environmental protection, and optimization of existing resources. We assist in fulfilling our customers’ needs for high-quality applications with an efficient, reliable, and always customer-first focus.

Our Mission Based on Our Value:

  • The least environmental impact
  • Highest safety of employees in the workplace
  • Embedded innovation in our organization
  • Professional optimization
  • Effective quality assurance achievements in each sector that we operate

Our Vision of Future

In DOSAS we work looking towards the future. We invest significantly in constant improvement, supported by integrality and viability. Our vision is to enable competitive solutions for our customers, also allowing them to optimize oilfield operations and processes, and excel in their business.

All of our company processes and daily operations are evaluated through the use of our management platform, in order to continue to improve productivity and allow us to be more constructive and more competitive. Our focus and attention lie in the development of the efficient and strong implementation of innovative and integrated solutions.

Our Strategy

DOSAS provides exceptional value to our customers through innovative chemicals, technology and services, and continuous supply chain improvement. We provide excellence in every aspect of our business to create opportunity, value, and growth for our supply partners, customers, and company.

Our Core Capability

Product Formulation:
Development of custom-made, effective chemical solutions; due to the combination of analysis and understanding of complex upstream operating environments, and extensive field experience and expert knowledge of both established and innovative chemical technologies.

Production Optimizations:
Expertise in increasing hydrocarbon production through design and optimization of secondary recovery treatments, also using chemical techniques for maintaining asset integrity and removal of bottlenecks for maximizing asset potential.