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Mastering Molecular Science for
Future Energy Solutions

Capture Value From Innovative Chemistry

Creative approach to identifying unique formulations, removing all barriers to efficient production.

EnhancePro™ Solution

Our EnhancePro™ Solution is a strategically designed, low risk, production optimization technique used for simultaneously stimulating untouched reserves, while isolating water zones – a complete conformance control solution. It uses a combination of nonpolymer viscosifying systems and specially formulated acidizing systems to seek low permeability zones for stimulation, and access unproduced hydrocarbons.

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DosTreat™ Dual Function Technology

See how DosTreat™ 100 Dual Function Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor, increasing asset reliability and optimize flow assurance strategies. It prevents mineral scale formation by modifying nuclei or altering active growth sites properties and blocking them to delaying further expansion and acts as a film-forming corrosion inhibitor and adsorbing onto metal surfaces to provide protection.

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We’re equally committed to investing in processes that bring breakthrough science and new products to the market faster and more cost-effectively.

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Chemistry Performance


More Thermally Stable

Scale Inhibitor DosTreat™ I-40

Sulphonated Acrylate Copolymer

Polyaspartate Amine


More Stable Complexes

Scale Remover ChelaTreat™ R-45




More Long-Lasting

Solid Scale Inhibitor DosTreat™ Solid Scale Inhibitor

Scale Inhibitor DosTreat™

Scale Remover ChelaTreat™