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Empowering Energy Sectors

With Innovation and Unleashing
Advanced Technologies

See How to Optimize Squeeze Treatment
with New Extended-Release Technology

DosTreat™ Scale inhibitor modified particles attach to the reservoir and, upon injection downhole, slowly release the chemical upon contact with produced water. This extends the effectiveness of DOSAS squeeze treatment programs, resulting in fewer chemicals, prolonged performance, reduced downtime, and significantly reduced CO₂ emissions.

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5 Powerful Solutions in a Multipronged
Technology for Complex Reservoirs

DoSolx™ ISD specifically designed to remove Iron sulfide scale and manage microbial challenges in reservoirs contain souring agents. It provides comparable dissolving capacity to strong acids, low corrosivity to steel, no release of H₂S gas, stability at high temperatures, and prevents reprecipitation of dissolved scales.

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Our Portfolio of Innovative Solutions

Designing, Synthesizing and Producing
Specialty Additives that are Essential to Energy Sector.

Redesigning Chemistry

for a Sustainable Tomorrow

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the Defense
Superior Scale and Corrosion
Protection Combined
Dual Power
Experience the Next Level of Performance

With Our
Dual-Function Chemicals

Discover the power of our advanced formulas engineered to tackle multiple challenges in a single solution. At DOSAS, we offer unparalleled protection against scale and corrosion. Our Dual-Function chemicals deliver unmatched results by combining different modes of action.