Proctoring Quality in Oilfield Cement Operations


Provide the Consistency, Integrity, and Product Quality for Your Well Conditions

Well Integrity is the ultimate goal of the well construction process. Our team has international experience in achieving zonal isolation and cement-sheath integrity in the most technically and economically viable way. As well cementing technology has advanced, special cement systems have been developed to address specific problems.
Engineered solutions for ultralight foamed slurry, efficient mud removal, and lost circulation control aid to optimized operations, enhancing wellbore integrity. With customer needs in mind, we aim to offer a solution to each particular challenge that adds value, whether it is through the technical edge, consistent reliable performance, or simplified operational advantage. Special technologies also exist for problems such as annular fluid migration and cyclic stresses on the sheath.

CO₂ Cement Technology

Our additives modify the behaviour of the cement system, ensuring adequate zonal isolation during the lifetime of the well. Our CO₂ Cement Technology is an optimized chemistry, which significantly enhances the chemical resistance of cement in the carbon dioxide corrosive environment.

Cementing Additives

Improve Zonal Isolation, Bolster Your Casing, and Protect the Formation DOWNLOAD

Cementing Testing Program Management

At DOSAS, we specialize in cementing additive formulation, meticulous design, and rigorous laboratory evaluation. Our dedicated team of experts combines extensive industry knowledge with state-of-the-art facilities to develop innovative cementing solutions. From optimizing cement slurries to enhancing performance and durability, we ensure precise formulation tailored to your specific project requirements. With our comprehensive laboratory testing and evaluation, you can trust DOSAS to deliver reliable and high-quality cementing additives that meet the highest standards of excellence.