DosThiox™ 99 Thixotropic Agent

Flow with Confidence, Stand with Strength

DosThiox™ 99 Thixotropic Agent

Gel Formation
on Demand

DosThiox™ 99 is an aqueous solution when blended with a hydraulic cement comprising calcium hydroxide and/or a hydrolyzable calcium oxide and water form novel cement slurries that are pumpable and thixotropic. DosThiox™ 99 is designed to mix with the cement slurries form a gel-like structure within a short period of time after mixing which will thin when subjected to conditions of shear or stress (as for example during pumping) and which will reset to a gel-like structure when the condition of stress or shear is relieved.

  • Performance Highlight
  • Typical Properties
  • Benefit & Application

Performance Highlight

Rigid, Pumping Stops
Fluid Again by Force

After mixing was complete, the aqueous cement slurry was allowed to remain stationary for a period of from about four to five minutes. The slurry formed a self-supporting gel at the end of this time. The gelled aqueous cement slurry, however, was easily broken by agitation with a stirring rod or by shaking the container and when broken poured easily from the container.

Typical Properties


  • Physical State
  • pH
  • Solubility in Water
  • Liquid
  • 1 - 2
  • Soluble

Benefit & Application

  • Applicable at temperature less than 85 °C
  • Can be used with either fresh water or seawater
  • Must be thoroughly dispersed in the mix water before the cement is added
  • Easily pumped downwardly through the casing
  • Prevent the "slurry fallback"
  • Tends to seal off "thief zones"

      DosThiox™ 99 Thixotropic Agent