Asphaltene Control

Protect against asphaltene blockages in oil & gas production

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    Asphaltene Control

    Stabilize and extend your production with comprehensive,
    cost-effective asphaltene control strategies

    DOSAS employs a systematic approach to asphaltene management, conducting comprehensive risk analyses to identify the key factors contributing to asphaltene formation. By studying the composition of crude oil, reservoir conditions, and production parameters, we gain invaluable insights into the underlying mechanisms driving asphaltene deposition.

    DOSAS embraces a scientific mindset of continuous improvement. We employ advanced monitoring techniques to assess the performance of our asphaltene management strategies. Through data analysis and interpretation, we identify areas for optimization, allowing us to refine treatment programs and enhance long-term effectiveness.

    Asphaltene & Scale
    Dual-Function Inhibitor

    is formulated to exhibit synergistic effects, meaning that its performance against both asphaltene deposition and scale formation is enhanced. The combined action of the dual-function inhibitor leads to improved overall inhibition efficiency compared to using separate treatments for asphaltene and scale control.


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    DOSAS understands that each oilfield presents unique challenges. Our scientific expertise allows us to develop customized treatment programs that address specific asphaltene management requirements. By considering factors such as solubility, adsorption kinetics, and surface interactions, we optimize treatment protocols to maximize effectiveness and minimize operational disruptions.

    Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

    DOSAS prioritizes the scientific rigor of our asphaltene management solutions. We conduct extensive laboratory testing, utilizing advanced analytical techniques to evaluate the performance and stability of our formulations. This meticulous approach ensures that our solutions meet stringent industry standards and deliver reliable results in real-world applications.