Asphaltene Control

Protect against asphaltene blockages in oil & gas production

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    Asphaltene Control

    Treat Your Heavy-Oil
    Demands Successfully

    In today's context, flow assurance has become even more demanding due to the extraction of oil from remote locations, such as deepwater reserves. This has introduced factors like long tiebacks, high-pressure conditions, low temperatures, and extended residence times, making flow assurance increasingly complex. Furthermore, the growing production of heavy, highly viscous crudes adds another layer of complexity to the challenges faced in ensuring smooth oil flow."

    DOSAS employs a systematic approach to asphaltene management, conducting comprehensive risk analyses to identify the key factors contributing to asphaltene formation. By studying the composition of crude oil, reservoir conditions, and production parameters, we gain invaluable insights into the underlying mechanisms driving asphaltene deposition.

    Asphaltene & Paraffin
    Dual-Function Dissolver

    DOSAS tailored solutions combat asphaltene and wax deposition, ensuring uninterrupted well performance and productivity.


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    Discover DOSAS Asphaltene Management Additives to tackle flow assurance issues caused by asphaltene destabilization, preventing costly blockages in pipelines and facilities.

    Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

    DOSAS prioritizes the scientific rigor of our asphaltene management solutions. We conduct extensive laboratory testing, utilizing advanced analytical techniques to evaluate the performance and stability of our formulations. This meticulous approach ensures that our solutions meet stringent industry standards and deliver reliable results in real-world applications.