Scale Management Test & Analysis

Simple Steps for Oilfield Scale Control Solution Test and Analyzing

Scale Management Test & Analysis

Optimize Scale Control with
Precise Solution Selection

When it comes to scale control, choosing the right scale inhibitors is paramount. At the heart of this process lies meticulous selection and utilization. Through rigorous laboratory tests, we unlock the power of scale inhibitors, ensuring their effectiveness in combating scaling issues.

Our experts employ a range of common and customised testing methods to identify the ideal scale inhibitor for your specific needs. By simulating real-world conditions in the controlled environment of our laboratories, we assess the performance and compatibility of various inhibitors. This thorough evaluation allows us to make informed decisions and select the most appropriate scale inhibitor solution.

Identify Challenge

Modelling & Simulation

Our in-depth water analysis allows us to assess the scaling potential by calculating the saturation index (SI). This index provides valuable insights into the likelihood of scale precipitation occurring under specific system conditions. Additionally, we identify the mineralogical composition of the scale samples. It provides information on the crystalline structure and identifies the presence of minerals.

Predict Scale Tendency
Identify Crystaline Structure
Customize Solution

Developement & Optimization

With our specialized focus on scale inhibitor formulation and synthesis, we take pride in our dedicated team of chemical development experts. At our company, we have developed a powerful method that enables us to screen products and determine the most efficient dosages for optimal treatment outcomes. Through rigorous testing and analysis, we assess key factors such as product performance, compatibility, and environmental impact.

Formulation & Synthesis
Laboratory Field Test
Performance Evaluation

Monitor Solution Residual

Monitoring solution residuals is crucial for ensuring the effectiveness and performance of your treatment or chemical processes. By regularly monitoring residual concentrations, we can identify any deviations or fluctuations that may impact the desired outcomes. This enables us to take timely corrective actions and optimize the treatment process to maintain the desired residual levels.

Exotic Scales Inhibition

By utilizing DOSAS technology, we can overcome the challenges associated with testing exotic scale types. The technology enables us to obtain accurate and comprehensive results, ensuring a thorough assessment of the performance of scale inhibitors.

Scale Inhibition Dispersion

Through advanced laboratory techniques and methodologies, we can accurately measure and analyze the dispersancy of scale solutions to keep particles suspended and prevent their accumulation or deposition within the system.


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