Rigid Gel System


One-Stop Gel System for Conquering Production Challenges

Our advanced POLYDOX™ gel technology introduces a high-strength, precisely crafted artificial polymer gel. This groundbreaking gel possesses exceptional capabilities, allowing it to efficiently penetrate the matrix before the gelation process begins.

POLYDOX™ gel stands out as a versatile solution with a range of applications. Its primary role involves water shutoff includes tackling issues like near-wellbore channeling, high-permeability channeling, and zone abandonment; it also proves highly effective as a substitute for cement squeeze when addressing casing bond failures. Furthermore, it demonstrates exceptional proficiency in sealing openhole sections during vertical or short-radius horizontal recompletions.

What makes POLYDOX™ gel a game-changer is its remarkable adaptability for addressing production near-wellbore challenges that demand complete blockage.

POLYDOX™ Features

Precision Empowered, Mastering Gel Solutions

Within the realm of our gel technology, exactitude is paramount. Not only does it bestow our solutions with exceptional capabilities, but it also grants us precise control over gel time, rendering them suitable for a diverse spectrum of reservoir applications with bottomhole static temperatures (BHSTs) reaching up to 250°F (121°C).

Moreover, when we delve into the intricacies of our pregel solution, we discover a lower-molecular-weight polymer, carefully selected for its remarkable prowess in penetrating even the tiniest of pores. This polymer seamlessly integrates into matrices boasting permeabilities of 30 mD or greater, a testament to its adaptability and efficacy.

Controlled Working Time

Unlocking Precise Control Over Gel Working Time

In our quest for excellence, we've mastered the art of manipulating gel working time, providing you with unparalleled flexibility. Whether your reservoir's temperature falls within the 50 to 200°F (10 to 93°C) range, our innovative solutions grant you the power to fine-tune working times, ranging from a nimble 1 hour to an expansive 24 hours. This control is seamlessly achieved by adjusting the gel activator concentration.


Leading the Way in Gel Performance Analysis

At our cutting-edge laboratory, we take pride in our exceptional capabilities dedicated to gel performance analysis. Our state-of-the-art facility empowers us to meticulously control gelling time, ensuring the perfect balance between setting and flexibility. We're equipped to determine precise gel working times for both mixing and pumping, enabling us to fine-tune our solutions to your unique requirements.

Additionally, our laboratory excels in core flooding experiments, providing critical insights into the behavior of our gels under real-world reservoir conditions. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we leverage our laboratory expertise to deliver gel solutions that surpass expectations and conquer even the most challenging reservoir challenges.


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