What You Do Makes a Difference

Let’s Create Changes Together

DOSAS provides a supporting and improving career path, including a well-balanced and flexible structure to outline your own course. Through our well defined comprehensive technical and non-technical training we accomplish matching your desire with career opportunities. We are an international company with a variety of possible opportunities for career enhancing talent rotations.—dosas/



At DOSAS, we believe that in order to get to the utmost potential of our recruits, they need to  set their individual objectives, and we are committed to support our employees throughout the year to ensure that they are constantly challenged to grow and they accomplish their unique improvement objectives.


Optimized Opportunity

At DOSAS ,we totally believe the value of each individual person who joins us and we honor our diverse community and we are proud of our workforce. Each member brings a variant prospective, different experience, and unique idea. individually we can be superb but together we can be invincible.

Highly Skilled

At DOSAS, everything we do is derived from our perception of future. We are encouraged by our highly skilled specialist and we are eager to assure perfection in what we ever do and improve our industry by creating a sustainable and initiative business with the spirit of chemistry.

Team Work

DOSAS provides highly inventive working environment, in which cooperation, free communication, environmental liabilities are outlined as our hallmark. We believe in the value of trust and team work, we have the honor of investing in each other to accomplish our unique goals.