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At DOSAS, we are at the forefront of pushing boundaries in specialty chemicals, and we invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us. We inspire and anticipate high performance, always striving for excellence in every aspect of our operations. Providing the flexibility and experience you need, we support your success. Our commitment extends to fostering a diverse, dynamic environment and cultivating an open and respectful culture. We firmly believe that each individual contributes a unique element to the DOSAS mix, as the magic underlying our scientific innovations is our people. You are precious to us, and we value the richness you bring to our collective endeavor.

Committed to Give Everyone the Same Opportunities

At DOSAS ,we totally believe the value of each individual person who joins us and we honor our diverse community and we are proud of our workforce. Each member brings a variant prospective, different experience, and unique idea. individually we can be superb but together we can be invincible.

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We Are Focused
on the Operation

In our career journey at DOSAS, 'We Are Focused on the Operation.' This guiding principle encapsulates our commitment to operational excellence and efficiency. As part of our team, you'll experience a work environment where every effort is dedicated to optimizing operations, ensuring that each role contributes to the seamless functioning of our dynamic organization. Join us in driving success through a shared focus on operational excellence at DOSAS.

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We Respect The Diversity

DOSAS integrates chemical technologies with innovative ideas to improve well integrity and produce more for longer. By adding our expertise, your everyday business runs smoother and more efficiently. DOSAS is a committed partner who innovates together with you, to create solutions for a profitable, sustainable future, while increasing the value of your production. DOSAS supports our customers to optimize upstream oilfield operations, from the reservoir to the refinery by: Connecting specialist chemicals and specific optimization technology to their end-users; including extensive technical laboratory support. Carrying out detailed workflows for more complex production challenges, in order to develop tailor-made chemistry with the optimum efficiency. Providing advanced consulting for production optimization operations from concept to execution – technical guidance and support from initial data analysis to treatment design, treatment delivery and evaluation.