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We’ve put together some frequent questions and answers to give you more information about DOSAS.

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I need help with my order sample!

First you can find your suitable product from each categories or you can search it in the product finder. Then use the top right button “Order Sample” to fill a request form.

Product and Solution


How do I contact technical support?

There are two situations that you may need more support from us:

  1. If you need further information or support related to a product you can use item “Inquiry”.
  2. If you confront a challenging situation that you can’t find any products or solution for it. Let us find the best solution for you by filling the ” Solution Zone” form.

How can I apply for a job opportunity?

You can see our available job positions from the link below:



Where can I see DOSAS related policies?

You can find all of policies in the link below:


Does DOSAS take any action related to sustainability?

We recognize the necessity of being committed to sustainability. You can find more information in the link below:


What is DOSAS quality management framework?

DOSAS Integrated Management System (IMS) combines all aspects of our organization’s systems, processes and Standards into one smart system. Through this management system we can push our business with better quality, improved health and safety, and increased productivity.

You can find our management system certifications using the links below: