Asphaltene Dissolver Solution

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Asphaltene Dissolver Solution

Challenges Posed by Asphaltenes in Heavy Crude Oil

At the molecular level, asphaltenes are the heaviest and most polar components of crude oil. They have a high carbon-to-hydrogen ratio, making them prone to precipitation and forming deposits in oil wells and pipelines. The presence of asphaltenes can lead to issues such as reduced flow rates, increased viscosity, formation of stubborn deposits and severe emulsion formation.

DosFlux™ Asphaltene dissolvers operate through a sophisticated chemical process. By targeting and breaking down the molecular structure of asphaltenes, from well stimulation to pipeline transportation, these chemicals play a vital role in ensuring the integrity of the entire oil extraction and transportation system.


Choosing the Right DosFlux™ Asphaltene Dissolver

Selecting the appropriate asphaltene dissolver is crucial for optimal results. DOSAS specialists consider factors such as the composition of the crude oil, operating conditions, and environmental impacts and offer the appropriate DosFlux™ dissolving solution.

Product Name


Asphaltene Dissolver Solution Provide comprehensive solutions to the complex challenges posed by asphaltenes in heavy crude oil.

Blend of organic solvents to break down and disperse asphaltenes in crude oil, surface active agent solutions altering the surface tension between the asphaltenes and the surrounding oil, and polymer-based solutions to preventing them from agglomerating and forming deposits.

Computational Modelling
for Designing Asphaltene Dissolver

The asphaltene dissolver design process is fraught with challenges, from identifying suitable components to achieving optimal concentrations.

DOSAS combines sophisticated algorithms with comprehensive databases of molecular properties. This allows for accurate predictions of how different dissolving agents interact with asphaltenes at a molecular level. The capability aids researchers in identifying optimal solvents and concentrations for effective asphaltene dissolution.

Asphaltene Dissolver Laboratory Test
& Field Evaluation

Evaluating dissolvers becomes imperative to identify the most suitable products for combating these challenges effectively. Laboratory testing and field evaluations are essential steps in assessing the performance of dissolvers. These methods provide valuable insights into how these chemicals interact with different types of crude oil and under varying conditions.