Biocides Control Harmful Microorganisms to Safeguard the Assets

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    DOSAS has developed biocide solution for bacteria management with a myriad of advantages. This innovative solution boasts a broad spectrum bactericidal capability, effectively targeting a wide range of bacteria. Its noncorrosive properties, coupled with excellent inhibiting abilities, make it not only convenient for transportation and application but also safe for both humans and the environment, adhering to stringent control regulations.

    Additionally, the biocide exhibits superb miscibility, seamlessly integrating without causing damage or interference to drilling fluid or its chemical agents. Furthermore, it ensures a consistent bacteria-killing efficacy, remaining unaffected by the environmental adaptations of the bacteria. This comprehensive approach positions DOSAS' biocide as a reliable and environmentally responsible solution for bacteria control in various applications.

    Biocide Enhancers

    To get an effective fast kill of bacteria, in some instances DOSAS has designed a biocide enhancer to aid the biocide treatments or work synergistically with the biocide.


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    Biocides Activity Assessment

    In oilfield systems, the detection of living bacteria is necessary to evaluate the potential for microbially influenced corrosion, biogenic souring and to evaluate the effectiveness of biocide treatment programs. DOSAS uses electrochemical method to allow on-line monitoring of biofilm activity in aqueous environments.