Microcide™ 100 Biocide

Biocides Control Harmful Microorganisms to Safeguard the Assets

Microcide™ 100 Biocide

Designed to Kill and Inhibit the
Growth of Troublesome Oilfield Bacteria

Enhance your drilling, completion, and work-over fluid systems with Microcide™ 100 Biocide—an advanced antimicrobial solution tailored for water-based applications. This potent biocide effortlessly combats sulfate reducing bacteria, iron bacteria, and bacterial slime formers, addressing the root causes of bacterially-induced corrosion. Elevate your fluid management strategy with Microcide™ 100 for superior protection against microbial threats in diverse operational environments.

  • Typical Properties
  • Features & Benefits

Typical Properties

  • Appearance
  • Specific gravity
  • Water Solubility
  • Colourless to pale yellow
  • 1.10 to 1.125 g/cc @20 °C
  • Completely miscible

Features & Benefits

  • Broad spectrum biocide
  • Benign environmental toxicity profile
  • Promotes rapid activity
  • Effective in both acid and alkaline pH conditions
  • Compatible in all brine types

      Microcide™ 100 Biocide