Surfactant & Cleaning Agent

Clean Slate, Strong Bonds

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    Surfactant & Cleaning Agent

    Elevate your Cementing Strategy
    with our Tailored Formulations

    Elevate your spacer design with DOSAS' advanced surfactants, strategically engineered to shift wettability from oil-wet to water-wet. Our formulations address compatibility concerns, particularly at high oil-based mud (OBM) density, where spacers lacking surfactants may falter. Integrating our surfactants into spacer design significantly minimizes compatibility issues between oil-based mud and the spacer, ensuring seamless operations. Moreover, when displacing heavy oil-based mud, our surfactants play a pivotal role. Optimal surfactant and cleaning agent formulations are key to preventing compatibility issues, offering a reliable solution for efficient cleaning processes.


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    Surfactant &
    Cleaning Agent Formulation

    We excel in crafting tailor-made surfactant and cleaning agent formulations, specifically designed for diverse Non-Aqueous Fluid (NAF) muds, accommodating a wide spectrum of downhole conditions and salinity levels.