Clay Stabilizer

From Swell to Stabilize, Solutions for Clay-Related Formation Resilience

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    Clay Stabilizer

    Clay Resilience, Formation Brilliance
    Navigating Swelling and Migration for Optimal Stability

    Clays play a crucial role in the formation of sandstone and can cause significant damage when exposed to water. Issues like clay swelling or fines migration commonly occur when aqueous fluids enter clay-containing formations.


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    ClayPro™ product families describe clay stabilization additives that adhere to the clay surface and provide clay swelling and fines migration control, reduced friction, and decreased hydrostatic pressure when exposed to a stimulation fluid system.

    Temporary & Permanent Clay Stabilziers

    The main reason for clay swelling and fines migration is the negative surface charge of the clay mineral. Clay stabilizer neutralizes this negative charge. This neutralizing can be done by temporary stabilizers which can be easily exchanged or displaced by active ions or permanent solutions that cannot be displaced by simple ions.