Flow Assurance Testing Program

Improve Safety, Reduce Cycle Time, Increase Quality and Yield

Flow Assurance Optimization for Oil and Gas Production

There are many naturally occurring substances within hydrocarbon systems that can hinder the transport of fluids from reservoir to final destination. Flow assurance programs encompass multiple disciplines and tests designed to identify and mitigate these obstacles and ensure economic and uninterrupted flow of hydrocarbons. Solids such as asphaltenes, Paraffins, and inorganic scale, can all cause blockages and transportation problems. Early detection is essential to a productive reservoir.

Flow Assurance Testing | SGS UK


Boost productivity and efficiency with
powerful hydrate control analytics

Our flow assurance group offers hydrate testing protocol to better align with field applications.

Our expert team has accomplished testing protocol through laboratory testing, optimization feed-back, and considering minimum effective dosage(MED) originally recommended. This allows for confidence in our dosage recommendations for worst-case scenarios in the field, specifically for unplanned shut-ins.

Gas Hydrate Control


Advanced services and expert knowledge
to help you understand scale formation

Testing, analysis, simulation, optimizing and consulting services are specialist capabilities of our experienced and world-renowned teams to addressing scale problems and incorporating strategies for prevention, prediction and remediation.

Scale Study and Deposits Analysis



Stabilize and extend your production with comprehensive,
cost-effective asphaltene control strategies

Characteristics of asphaltenes vary from reservoir to reservoir and even from well to well. Chemicals that are effective in one system are not always successful in others. For this reason, it is very important to perform accurate selection of asphaltene dispersant for particular crude through laboratory testing.

Asphaltene Management Services


Modeling Capability

Improving Flow Assurance with Process Analytical Technology

We offer a wide range of software modeling services to facilitate the understanding and prediction of the phase behavior of complex multicomponent and multiphase systems, containing water, oil, gases, nd/or solids. We also offer development and provide technical support and proprietary software to calculate the thermodynamic and transport properties of crude oils.

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