Asphaltene Inhibitor Solution

Treat Your Heavy Oil Demands Successfully

Asphaltene Inhibitor Solution

Treat Your Heavy Oil Demands Successfully

Asphaltenes, organic solids rich in polyaromatic structures, aliphatic chains, and heteratoms (S, N, O), as well as trace metals, play a crucial role in the makeup of crude oil. The solubility definition of asphaltenes generates a wide distribution of chemical species and structures with enormous complexity, whose molecular level characteristics can dramatically change from one crude oil to another.

Flow assurance challenges can arise when the solubility of asphaltenes in crude oil becomes destabilized due to pressure fluctuations and the mixing of incompatible fluids. This destabilization can lead to the agglomeration and deposition of asphaltenes, resulting in costly blockages in both upstream and downstream pipelines and facilities.


Asphaltene Inhibitor Solutions

Our DosFlux™ asphaltene inhibitor portfolio developed complex of inhibitors for preventing asphaltene precipitation in the reservoir and production well based on an accurate knowledge of organic deposits, their mechanism of formation and investigation on the inhibition efficiency under laboratory conditions.

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Polymeric/resin inhibitors work by adsorbing onto the surface of asphaltenes, creating a steric barrier that prevents them from flocculating or agglomerating. This prevents the formation of large solid deposits.

Dispersant inhibitors alter the interfacial properties of asphaltenes, reducing their tendency to coalesce and form solid deposits. They can also disperse existing asphaltene deposits.

Five key steps to effectively address and mitigate asphaltene-related issues:

DOSAS, employs a comprehensive approach in asphaltene management for the oil and gas industry:

Sampling: Precise collection of reservoir fluid samples.
Experimental Characterization: In-depth analysis of asphaltene properties.
Modeling Studies: Simulation of asphaltene precipitation scenarios.
Model Adjustment: Refinement of models for accuracy.
Decision Making: Informed selection of tailored solutions to control asphaltene challenges, ensuring efficient operations and production maximization.

Asphaltene Inhibitor Lab Screening Before Field Implementation

The selection of asphaltene inhibitors requires a lab screening before field implementation. DOSAS identify the chemistry of asphaltenes, prediction of asphaltene related issues for field projects, modelling efforts and experimental measurements to predict field issues, and chemical methods for prevention and remediation.