DosFlux™ AI-100 Asphaltene Inhibitor

The Art of Polymer Engineering in Oilfield Mastery

DosFlux™ AI-100 Asphaltene Inhibitor

Asphaltene Inhibitor to Control Precipitation &
Stable Emulsion from Crude Oil

DosFlux™ AI-100 is formulated with high-performance polymers that prevent asphaltene particles from agglomerating and forming deposits, ensuring consistent fluid flow. This inhibitor is suitable for use in a variety of crude oil compositions and reservoir conditions, making it adaptable to diverse oilfield environments.
In rigorous testing, it outperformed competitors by preventing over 60% of precipitation in a challenging Middle Eastern crude oil scenario. DosFlux™ AI-100 also excels in resolving asphaltene-stabilized emulsions, providing a versatile solution. While not a stand-alone demulsifier, its exceptional performance makes it an essential tool in enhancing production efficiency.

  • Performance Highlight
  • Typical Properties
  • Benefits & Application

Performance Highlight

Asphaltene Inhibition

In the dosage of 100 ppm and 55 ºC, DosFlux™ AI-100 demonstrated the lowest asphaltene precipitation where added to the asphaltenic crude.

Typical Properties

  • Viscosity
  • Flash Point
  • Density
  • 80 mPa.s
  • ≥150 ºC
  • 865 kg/m³

Benefits & Application

  • Asphaltene dispersion at <100 ppm
  • Asphaltene prevention >100 ppm
  • Where asphaltenes coat well equipment and production surfaces
  • Where asphaltenes stabilizes emulsions

      DosFlux™ AI-100 Asphaltene Inhibitor