Drag Reducing Agent

Lowers Pipeline Frictional Pressure Loss

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    Drag Reducing Agent

    How DosFric™ Flow Improvers Eliminate Bottlenecks & Ensure Smoother Operations

    Discover effective solutions to overcome operational bottlenecks and unlock your refinery's full potential. DOSAS' advanced Drag Reducing Agents (DRA) are designed to tackle challenges in transfer lines, providing a boost to processing capacity and overall profitability. Our cutting-edge DRAs have a proven track record in enhancing product throughput, making them ideal even for short transfer lines.

    By implementing our Drag Reducers, you can eliminate bottlenecks in your refinery's transfer lines, ensuring smoother operations and increased profitability. Our solutions are tailored to address the unique needs of short transfer lines, optimizing fluid flow and minimizing frictional pressure loss.

    Positively Impacting Your Bottom-Line Results

    Experience significant enhancements in your profitability with DosFric™ Drag Reducer, optimizing flow potential and throughput capacity in your pipelines.


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    DosFric™ product series increase fluid throughput to water injection or disposal wells, as well as multiphase or hydrocarbon transportation systems

    How we identify the most suitable DRA solutions tailored to your unique needs

    We guarantee the optimization of every application by:
    Accurately predict DosFric™ product performance for optimal dosage
    Assess your pipeline system and operational objectives
    Conduct trials to confirm efficiency estimates