DosFric™ 73 Drag Reducing Agent

Multiphase or Hydrocarbon Transportation Systems

DosFric™ 73 Drag Reducing Agent

Increases Oil Production by 21%
with Chemical Drag Reducing Agent

DOSAS brings you DosFric™ 73 DRA, a cutting-edge solution featuring a proprietary, high molecular weight copolymer that rapidly dissolves in hydrocarbons. This advanced formulation delivers unparalleled levels of drag reduction, efficiently lowering drag at the pipe wall to enhance fluid flow without coating the pipeline walls.

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  • Typical Property
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Performance Highlight

Percent Drag

Compares the differential fractional pressure drop required to move a given fluid in a set pipeline with and without DRA. The graph represents a range of performance curves for DosFric™ in various hydrocarbons.

Typical Property

  • Appearance
  • Physical State
  • Solubility
  • White free flowing liquid
  • Polymer suspension
  • Hydrocarbon soluble water insoluble

Technical Document


Discover How DosFric™ 73 Drag Reducing Agent Increases Oil Production by 21%

Brochure_DosFric™ 73 Drag Reducing Agent_Rev.00_DOSAS

Benefits & Applications

  • Allow the same fluid to be transported through a pipeline or flowline using less energy / cost
  • Help minimize the erosion of pipelines and flowlines
  • Can be used in crude pipelines
  • Can be used in finished products pipelines

      DosFric™ 73 Drag Reducing Agent