Refinery Process Chemical

Refinery Process Chemical

Overcome Refinery Operations Challenges by DOSAS' Process Additives

Refineries face distinctive challenges demanding streamlined and secure solutions. DOSAS offers technology solutions customized to your operational needs, enhancing productivity, optimizing performance and equipment longevity, boosting process uptime, trimming costs and waste, elevating safety measures, and ensuring cost-effective adherence to regulations.

Navigate through challenges linked to opportunity crude processing, corrosion, fouling, desalination, and foaming with our advanced process chemicals. From metal passivation to cleaning and degassing, our chemical products leverage years of expertise, crafting a resilient program to effectively address your processing hurdles.

Overhead Line Corrosion Inhibitor & Emulsion Breaker

DOSAS CorFix™ 9113 in addition to its corrosion inhibition properties, exhibits the ability to reduce formation of an emulsion of water and crude petroleum by injecting into the overhead line.

DOSAS Process Chemicals

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