Slick Solutions for Unwanted Mixtures


Emulsions, The Silent Foe
of Oilfield Formations

Emulsions are like tiny troublemakers that can form when crude oil and aqueous acid mingle. They consist of oil droplets suspended in water. While that might sound harmless, in the world of oil and gas, it's a recipe for disaster. Emulsions can block the pores in the formation, creating formation damage. And they're not easy to get rid of because some compounds in crude oil stabilize these emulsions.

Formation damage is the enemy of productivity. Emulsions can stubbornly remain stable for hours underground, turning the mixture into a thick, gooey mess. This increased viscosity makes it challenging for the crude oil to flow, resulting in higher pumping costs and potential corrosion risks. Moreover, valuable oil reserves can be wasted before production even begins.

DosSurf™ Solutions,

Simple, Stable and
Environmentally Friendly Emulsion-Modifier

DOSAS DosSurf™ Solutions provide emulsion-prevention in aqueous solutions, of water and oil emulsions in a high brine of up to 150000 TDS or highly acidic of up to 30 wt% acid environments, having applicability within a wide range of crude oils.

Product Name


DosSurf™ 80 Non-Emulsifying Agent Crystal Clear Aqueous Phase After 5 Minutes

When added to brines and acidic solutions, it acts as a protective barrier between oil and fluid, preventing emulsion and preserving reservoir oil while maintaining fluid properties.

Product Name


DosSurf™ 30 Non-Emulsifying Agent 100% Oil & Water Separation Capability After 5 Minutes

Some emulsions can be very stable, particularly the acid emulsions, due to strong and complex interactions between the aromatic and polyaromatic hydrocarbons with oxygenated species in the acidic medium and in the presence of various metal salts, resins and asphaltenes.

Unveiling Our
Non-Emulsifier Solutions

DOSAS innovative Non-Emulsifier solutions specially formulated for superior emulsion control in acidic and high-brine settings with high divalent cation concentrations. Proven effectiveness extends to a variety of crude oils, accommodating diverse SARA compositions, ensuring reliable performance.

Let's formulate solutions together for your unique conditions and applications!

Evaluation Process

To combat challenges like salt saturation and divalent cation-water hydration complexities, our approach prioritizes complete solubility in high-density brines. We focus on enhancing attraction to the crude-brine interface, ensuring competition against compounds like asphaltene, and promoting coalescence for optimal emulsion prevention. Our rigorous evaluation process involves tests on recovered crude samples, solubility, emulsion tendency, and consideration of maximum completion brine density. Contact DOSAS for comprehensive and successful non-emulsifier solutions.