Fracture/Fissure Water Control Gel

Taming Subsurface Flows with Intelligent Solutions

Fracture/Fissure Water Control Gel

Empowering Water Harmony: Unleashing Polymer Gels in Oil and Gas Fields

Our cutting-edge DOSAS crosslinkable gels represent a time-tested solution to combat water-related challenges. Comprising polymers or copolymers in various forms, such as powder, solution, or suspension, these gels can be crosslinked using various crosslinker. The result is formation of robust gels, boasting exceptional strength and kinetic properties, meticulously designed to govern water conformance.

The secret to their success lies in the polymer chain size. Through precise engineering, we tailor these flowing gels to effectively address water source mechanisms, even those concealed deep within the reservoir. By forming stable gels, we achieve the ultimate objective—sealing off water sources with unwavering precision and efficiency.

Flowing Gel Solutions

The Power of Our Polymer Gels is Revolutionizing Water Management

In the dynamic landscape of oil and gas fields, the need for effective water management is paramount. This is where the remarkable versatility of polymer gels comes to the forefront. These ingenious solutions are tailored to curb excessive water production, ensuring optimal reservoir performance. But it's not a one-size-fits-all scenario. The secret lies in the polymer chain size and the artful utilization of crosslinking agents. These variables wield a direct influence over the resulting gel's characteristics, including gelling time, gel strength, and stability across varying temperatures and salinities.

Our exceptional flowing gel systems are PERMOLEAN™ and POLYFLUX™. These innovative solutions are designed to address the specific challenges posed by fissures, fractures, and faults. Join us as we dive into the world of these intelligent gel solutions, meticulously engineered to reshape the landscape of subsurface water control.

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PERMOLEAN™ PERMOLEAN™ is a versatile solution applicable to both injectors and producers within your reservoir. They come into play when a high water cut is primarily attributed to production through intricate fissures.
Fracture/Fissure Water Control Gel With POLYFLUX™ Gel, we've harnessed the power of advanced polymer technology to tame subsurface water flows effectively. It offers a robust and adaptable approach to optimize your reservoir's performance, ensuring that your production remains efficient and in control, even in the most complex geological environments.

Water Shut Off Treatment Design and Consultancy

We support our customers to optimize the design and placement of unwanted fluid shutoff treatments.
DOSAS enhances value to the operator in terms of forecasting hydrocarbon production resulting from treatments and reducing economic and operational risks by allowing better candidate selection.