Championing Environmental Excellence in Offshore Oil and Gas


Touch of Elegance and Resilience with WATERCURB™ Solution

Our commitment to environmental stewardship lies at the core of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Strategy. With a resolute objective to prevent and eradicate pollution, we've taken a comprehensive approach to protect the maritime environment from the potential adverse impacts of offshore activities, all while safeguarding human health. Our mission extends to the conservation of precious marine ecosystems, with a dedication to the restoration of areas that have faced challenges.

Within this context, we subject our commercial microgels to use even in the most environmentally stringent regions.

Our microgels, intricately designed as covalently cross-linked entities, epitomize water solubility. They possess the unique ability to self-repel, elegantly adhering to rock pore surfaces with a thickness mirroring their size. What sets them apart is the versatility to adjust their size, enabling precise control over water permeability. Microgel chemistry remains resilient, exhibiting minimal sensitivity to pH and salinity variations.

  • Typical Properties
  • Benefits & Applications

Typical Properties

  • Water Soluble
    Applied Shear Rate
  • 20000 1/s
  • 3.5-4.5

Benefits & Applications

  • Excellent mechanical Stability
  • Thermal and chemical resistance
  • Non-toxic
  • Not effected by parameters such as pH or presence of electrolytes
  • Good injectivity and depth of propagation
  • Water shutoff multi-layer water-flooded wells
  • Applicable for horizontal and multi-lateral wells
  • High salinity environments
  • Mobility control fluids where linear polymers do not suit the reservoir conditions
  • Wide range of permeabilities (up to 5 darcy)