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Central R&D

At DOSAS, we take a comprehensive approach to collaboration and execution in solving the most challenging technical projects in the oil and gas industry. Our team applies rigorous research and development principles to advance additives specifically designed for this sector. By leveraging our expertise and modern instrumentation in our laboratory, we work closely with our scientists to develop innovative and functional solutions for our customers.

Carrying out research from a long-term perspective in which we first consider what sort of future we want to create out of a wide range of possibilities, then backcast from this to decide which issues to try and solve. Through dedicated teamwork, application development, customer support, and technical service, we deliver safe and proven manufacturing processes that provide the best additives and specialty ingredients for the oil and gas industry.

Core & Molecular Technologies

DOSAS through the extensive expertise in polymer science, possesses the capability to support a diverse array of products and applications. Our profound understanding of polymer design and assembly empowers us to manufacture a wide spectrum of homopolymers, copolymers, graft copolymers, and crosslinked copolymers. These creations stem from platforms constructed using both synthetic and natural building blocks.


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Provide insight into the chemical behavior that drives critical-to-function properties

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