Think Sustainable, Act Responsible


Acting for
Sustainable Success

Sustainability is the core principle of our everyday performance, we are dedicated to sustainability, ethical manner, and the best way of operating for our work and for our planet. Our strategy for sustainability leads to a more reliable investment for our partners, and assurance that the chemicals they are consuming are prepared and in a sustainable manner. Among the world society, this helps us to be accepted as trustworthy partners and leaders.

Decisions Have an Impact

All our actions and decisions have an impact, whether sociably, economically, or environmentally, at different steps. At DOSAS, we significantly consider sustainability for our product impacts.
We value the secure, neat, healthy and noble quality of life on the earth. This is the best way to operate for our business, our customers, and our planet.

Management Approach

Sustainable Performance

DOSAS concentrates on achieving the safe, durable and environment friendly products and solutions. This is outlined by our Operational Excellence and performance System(OEPS) that arranges our health, safety, environment and quality via international standards, protocol and procedures. Our risk assessment incudes the HSEQ and environment protection at high priority in all aspects of our work and activities. To learn more about what we are doing to reduce the environmental impact, visit our Acting Today for the Future page.

Our purpose is to add value and improve the operational efficiency by offering sustainable products and solutions to the markets we serve.
The necessity of Health, Safety, and Environmental effects of our products through their lifecycle is considered and applied in all we do.

Sustainable products:
Products and Solutions that fulfills our costumers’ sustainability expectations are an important part of our business strategies. Through our innovation we keep up with the global trends.
The application of our products and solutions leads to the following advantages:
• Improving product quality
• Optimizing operation and energy efficiency
• Ensuring that products meet the customer sustainable requirements

Product Stewardship:
DOSAS Product Stewardship policy defines the specification required to make sure that our products use is safe and that their risk and impacts were completely considered in all of our business processes.

Responsible Operations
Ensuring reliable operations to protect our environment, members, partners, and society is major consideration in our company. Through our integrated management system, we are ahead of malfunctions, and can prevent operations that may lead to detrimental effects on safety and the environment.
DOSAS operations meets international standards such as:
• ISO9001:2018 for quality
• ISO14001:2020 for environment

Responsible supply chain management:
DOSAS Supplier Management concentrates on economic performance improvement and risk control. Our suppliers are committed to our Code of Conduct for Business Partners (CoC-BP) in each of their dealings with DOSAS. This Code defines the requirements for responsible business conduct, human rights respect, and environmental issues.

All we ever do is rely on people and integrity. Across our organization, we endeavor to encourage transparency, trust and respect. Dedication to the public is our approach to be successful right now and in the future.

Society and dedication to people:
Achieving long term goals for our people and our business is accomplished by original, innovative completeness and expertise, engaging the most skilled, and providing conditions to grow ideas.
Engaging the best skilled and preserving our employees and enhancing their abilities, is essential to our success. We, the DOSAS members, make the culture of self-improvement and learn continuously. Our company organizes the training programs. Furthermore, we create a diverse work place to attract different nationalities of skilled members.

Compliance with DOSAS code of conduct:
Due to our code of conduct, our employees are able to get the guidance they need for doing their job lawfully and ethically, leading us to reach our goals.