Corrosion Inhibitor Solutions

To Protect and To Preserve

Corrosion Inhibitor Solutions

Maximize production through
integrated solutions

Enhance corrosion resistance with our cutting-edge CorFix™ products. Our organic film-forming inhibitors play a pivotal role in reducing corrosion rates by creating a protective diffusion barrier when adsorbed to the metal surface. Cost-effectiveness is prioritized as these additives swiftly form a long-lasting film at minimal concentrations, making them an ideal solution for all applications in which corrosive media, e. g. aqueous solutions or emulsions are encountered in the production and field treatment of crude oil.

• Production and injection wells
• Pipelines for production or injection water
• Oil treatment units
• Separators and pumps
• Oil and water storage tanks

CorFix™ Series

Prevent General and Localized Corrosion

by providing high temperature, high shear, high CO₂, O₂, and H₂S and top of the line protection

Product Name


CorFix™ 10 Corrosion Inhibitor Oil and Gas Processing, Downhole

Formulated as oil soluble, water soluble, oil soluble-water dispersible or water soluble-oil dispersible depending on requirement of the specific application to meet various harsh corrosion challenges

Product Name


CorFix™ 20 Corrosion Inhibitor Deepwater, Gas Lift, Midstream and Crude Transportation

Designed to be effective in CO₂ and/or CO₂/H₂S environments, under various flow regimes, temperatures and salinities.

Corrosion Inhibitor
Multifunctional Solutions

CorFix™ corrosion inhibitors are also developed as multifunctional products in combination with scale

• Increasing Efficiency
• Reducing costs,
• In compliance with the most stringent environmental regulations

Corrosion Modelling &
Prediction Service

DOSAS provides a high-value corrosion prediction and modelling software to measure corrosion rate and provide essential data for your design, operation, monitoring, and maintenance team. Our objective is giving a more realistic estimation of the design or residual life of your assets, structures or equipment in different industries.