DosSurf™ 12 Cleaning Agent

Navigating the Nexus of Cleanliness for Unparalleled Bonding

DosSurf™ 12 Cleaning Agent

Redefining Strength in Cement Bonds
through Our Oil-Based Mud Cleaning Innovation

DosSurf™ 12 is an oil-based mud cleaning agent that adding it to cement spacer design affects cement bond performance under reservoir temperatures, will help to mitigate the impact of oil base mud on cement performance, reduce drilling mud compatibility issues, change formation – casing wettability from oil-wet to water-wet, and reduce interfacial tension (IFT) between the mud and the cement.

  • Performance Highlight
  • Typical Performance
  • Benefits & Applications

Performance Highlight

Low Foam,
High Cleaning Capacity

The propensity for foaming exhibited by certain well-cleaning agents presents several practical challenges when working in the field. The act of mixing, pumping, and handling drilling fluid returns can all result in the generation of uncontrolled foam, which can be challenging to manage. DosSurf™ 12 formulation produce minimal foam when agitated, and the foam that does develop has dissipate quickly.

Typical Performance


DosSurf™ 10 Surfactants help to mitigate the impact of oil base mud on cement performance. The product's effectiveness in preserving a clean surface and low foam tendency highlights its potential to improve wellbore stability and make it a strong candidate for further testing and use in the field.

  • Appearance
  • pH
  • Viscosity
  • Amber Liquid
  • 6 - 7
  • < 20 mPa.s

Benefits & Applications

  • Different base oils: most polar, small-carbon chain oils, to highly polar, long-carbon chain oils
  • Can be used from 24 to 149 ◦C
  • Applicable in various salinity
  • Effectively mud movement around the metal rotor sleeve in 3 minutes
  • Aternate the wettability of rock chips from oil-wet to water-wet
  • Demonstrated good performance in lowering IFT
  • High mud/spacer compatibility with low R-Index < 40

      DosSurf™ 12 Cleaning Agent