ClayPro™ 50 Clay Stabilizer

Clay Resilience on Demand, Unlocking Temporal Solutions for Formation Stability

ClayPro™ 50 Clay Stabilizer

Temporary Meets Transformative
for Sustained Formation Integrity

Unlike typical temporary inhibitors with 1 to 3 active anchoring groups, ClayPro™ 50 stands out with its advanced formulation. ClayPro™ 50 goes beyond traditional inhibitors by incorporating inorganic salts, particularly mono-to-tetravalent cations, carefully selected for their optimal ionic diameter and hydration sphere. This strategic composition enhances the effectiveness of ClayPro™ 50 when maintained within the active concentration window. By strategically influencing rock wettability through oil adsorption, it leverages the surface charge of clay minerals. This innovative stabilizer ensures controlled and reliable performance.
Moreover, when paired with a carrier fluid containing a Permanent stabilizer, ClayPro™ 50 prevents potential damage to the formation caused by the carrier fluid itself.

  • Performance Highlight
  • Typical Properties
  • Benefits & Applications

Performance Highlight

ClayPro™ 50 as an
Alternative to KCl

The Linear Swelling Meter - LSM test was performed to evaluate the ClayPro™ 50 as an alternative to KCl. The test was performed with clay cutting samples to study the reactivity of the clays. This procedure measures the swelling tendency of clay in a water-based brine fluid that contains clay inhibitors KCl and ClayPro™ 50.

Typical Properties


  • Appearance
  • pH
  • Solubility
  • Clear to colorless
  • 5 - 10
  • Water Miscible

Benefits & Applications

  • Chlorite with high tendency to being oil wet.
  • Smectite with high ability to swell & disperse.
  • Illite with high sensitivity to low pH
  • Environmentally Friendly

      ClayPro™ 50 Clay Stabilizer