Flow Assurance

Safeguard Production by Implementing Fieldwide Optimization

Flow Assurance

Achieve Unprecedent Flow Assurance with Comprehensive Strategies

At DOSAS, we understand the criticality of uninterrupted hydrocarbon flow in wellbores and pipelines. Our flow assurance solutions combine advanced chemicals, expert formulation, and real-time technical support to anticipate, limit, prevent, or eliminate formation deposits during production and transportation.

From scale and paraffin to asphaltenes and hydrates, our portfolio offers tailored treatments and cleaner solutions to optimize your capital and operating expenditures.

Dual Function
Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor

prevents mineral scale buildup by distorting crystal formation and adhering to scale surfaces during growth. Additionally, it serves as a corrosion inhibitor, safeguarding metal surfaces in brine and hydrocarbon environments.

DosTreat™ Scale Inhibitor Solutions

Take Control of Continually
Changing Process Conditions

Flow Assurance Test Program

Learn how to design and implement an effective flow assurance test program. Explore the key components, methodologies, and best practices for testing and validating flow assurance systems. Gain insights into data analysis and interpretation to optimize your operations. Click here to discover how a comprehensive test program can enhance flow assurance in your oilfield operations!

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