EmendaFlow™ 100 Paraffin Inhibitor

Redefining Flow, Conquering Paraffin with Chemical Dispersants

EmendaFlow™ 100 Paraffin Inhibitor

Unveiling the Paraffin Solution
Innovative Dispersants for Oil and Gas Excellence

At DOSAS, we recognize the significant impact of paraffin deposition on oilfield operations. With EmendaFlow™ 100, we offer a revolutionary solution that surpasses traditional treatments. This advanced product not only prevents the formation and buildup of paraffin, but also incorporates a unique dispersant function.

EmendaFlow™ 100 combines the powerful properties of a paraffin inhibitor and a dispersant, providing exceptional performance in inhibiting paraffin crystal formation while effectively dispersing any existing deposits in the oil. By keeping the paraffin particles suspended and preventing their agglomeration, EmendaFlow™ 100 ensures uninterrupted flow and mitigates the risks of blockages and flow restrictions.

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Performance Highlights

Creating Repulsive Forces

EmendaFlow™ compounds possess properties that allow them to act as dispersants, preventing the agglomeration or clustering of paraffin particles. These polymers typically have functional groups or side chains that interact with the surface of paraffin crystals, creating repulsive forces and hindering their ability to come together and form larger deposits.

Typical Properties

Typical Properties

EmendaFlow™ 100 possess certain technical and physical properties that contribute to their effectiveness in preventing the agglomeration and deposition of paraffin wax.

    Molecular Weight (MW)
  • 500 - 10,000 g/mol
  • 0.8 - 1.2 g/cm³
  • 6 - 9
  • Water Soluble

Technical Documents


For more detailed technical documents and specifications, including technical data sheets and safety information, please contact us directly. Our team of experts will be pleased to assist you and provide the necessary information to meet your specific requirements.

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Benefits & Applications

  • Break down and disperse paraffin deposits
  • Residual Film Prevention
  • Efficient performance at relatively low dosages
  • Demonstrate long-term stability

      EmendaFlow™ 100 Paraffin Inhibitor