Iron Sulfide Scale Dissolver

Controlling Iron Sulphide Issues in Oil and Gas Production with DOSAS Solutions

Iron Sulfide Scale Dissolver

Mastering the Art of
Tackling Iron Sulfide Scale

Iron sulphide can have detrimental effects on oil and gas production, impacting equipment integrity and causing production disruptions. The variations in crystallinity of iron sulfide, which result from pH, temperature, and concentrations of iron to sulfur ratio during the reaction, complicate the process of chemical inhibition and removal. DoSolx™ Solutions specifically designed to

• Efficiently remove metal sulfide scale
• Manage microbial challenges in reservoirs contain souring agents
• Provides comparable dissolving capacity to strong acids
• Low corrosivity to steel
• No release of H₂S gas
• Stability at high temperatures
• Prevents reprecipitation of dissolved scales.

Non-Acid Technology

Efficient Dissolution of
Oil-Wet Iron Sulfides

DoSolx™ 50 specially formulated solution utilizes synergistic agents to chemically modify scale surfaces, resulting in enhanced reactivity and efficient dissolution of oil-wet scale deposits. DoSolx™ 50 breaks free from limitations imposed by mass transfer and surface area mechanisms.

DoSolx™ 50 Scale Dissolver
Low-Corrosion Technology

Multipronged Activator
in Complex Reservoirs

DoSolx™ 90 specifically designed to efficiently remove metal sulfide scale and manage microbial challenges in reservoirs contain souring agents. It provides comparable dissolving capacity to strong acids, low corrosivity to steel, no release of H₂S gas, stability at high temperatures, and prevents reprecipitation of dissolved scales.

DoSolx™ 90 Scale Dissolver

Corrosion Testing & Chemical Performance Evaluation

Asset integrity lab program designed to accommodate new product formulation, product selection, corrosion inhibitor performance screening and robust compatibility evaluation

Latest Developments

DoSolx™ solutions are formulated with a dispersant, designed to prevent particle agglomeration, keeps them suspended, and allowing them to effortlessly navigate through your system without deposition.


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