Water Conformance

Achieve a Longer Productive Well Life

Water Conformance

Optimize Production, Mitigate Decline

The hydrocarbon industry has long grappled with the management of unproductive water, posing a significant challenge. High water cut and water breakthrough can occur under various production conditions, such as moving oil-water contacts causing water coning and breakthrough, watered-out layers, cross-flow in multi-layered reservoirs, altered relative permeability, or channeling behind a casing.
DOSAS helps assess the extent of the water production problems and offers the best available solutions to tackle excessive water issues. By implementing our novel systems, we greatly increase the likelihood of chemical treatment success.

Water Shutoff Solution

Our goal is to excogitate, accelerate, and collaborate to bring the most innovative technologies by eliminating excess reservoir water with our cutting-edge water conformance solutions.

Chemical Fluid System for Water Control

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Water Shut Off Treatment Design and Consultancy

Our dedicated Engineering Support Team is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of your oil-recovery flooding operations. We specialize in implementing technologies that improve sweep efficiency, leading to increased oil recovery and reduced expenses. By minimizing the unnecessary recycling of fluids such as water and polymer solutions, we not only reduce lifting, handling, and treatment costs but also ensure a more environmentally friendly approach. With our expertise, you can optimize your oil-production expenses (OPEX) while achieving maximum results.