Near-Wellbore Water Control Gel

Conquer Near-Wellbore Obstruction to Solve Excess Water Production Woes

Near-Wellbore Water Control Gel

Reshaping Reservoir Interconnection via Novel Matrix Fluid System

Excessive water production presents a significant hurdle within the oil and gas industry, particularly in mature reservoirs. The excess water worsens concerns such as wellbore corrosion, scale buildup, and issues related to sand.
Given these intricacies, our team is fully committed to addressing this critical challenge head-on, leveraging inventive techniques where complete blockage is required to cure near-wellbore problems.

Blockage Matrix Gels

Charting Reservoir Success with a Reliable System

DOSAS is your premier destination for reservoir management solutions utilizing the cutting-edge matrix gel system approach. Our unique fluid formulations, such as ORIFICE™ and POLYDOX™ matrix gels, are specifically designed to enhance reservoir performance and ensure sustained economic viability. We have developed unique fluid systems for managing near wellbore channelling, high-permeability layers without crossflow and zone abandonment.

Product Name


POLYDOX™ POLYDOX™ gel technology is engineered to perfection, presenting a high-strength, meticulously crafted synthetic polymer gel that sets new standards in versatility and performance.
ORIFICE™ ORIFICE™ introduces a groundbreaking ultra-low-molecular-weight polymer, meticulously handpicked to effortlessly infiltrate even the tiniest pores, revolutionizing water management in oil and gas fields.

Mastering Water Control, Enhancing Oil Flow

In the quest for optimizing oil production, a vital aspect lies in the comprehensive analysis of data to pinpoint the source of water production. Our approach emphasizes meticulous data-driven methodologies, ensuring we identify the root causes effectively.

Common causes of excess water production near the wellbore include casing, tubing, or packer leaks, flow behind casing, water shutoff (WSO) in gravel packs, and sand consolidation. We're here to address these challenges head-on, ensuring that your well operates at its peak potential, minimizing water intrusion, and maximizing oil production.