Corrosion Inhibitor

Precision Corrosion Management Solutions Tailored to Meet Every Challenge

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    Corrosion Inhibitor

    Boost Asset Longevity
    with DOSAS' Corrosion Inhibitors

    CorFix™ Corrosion inhibitors act as a robust first line of defense, countering corrosion risks posed by CO₂, H₂S, organic acids, and more. They effectively tackle various corrosion forms, including localized, under deposit, galvanic, and others, preventing equipment failures.

    Our offerings extend to inhibitors designed for combatting oxygen corrosion in closed-loop systems, addressing top-of-line corrosion (TLC), providing encapsulated treatments for downhole use, supplying batch corrosion inhibitors, and offering multifunctional products. We also provide corrosion inhibitors suitable for midstream and downstream applications.

    Scale & Corrosion
    Dual Function Inhibitor

    By harnessing the power of synergy, our advanced chemistry delivers superior scale and corrosion protection, optimizing operational productivity and extending equipment lifespan.


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    Your customized corrosion control solution will deliver several long-term benefits to your production system.

    Intelligently Designing the Inhibitors
    to Tackle Corrosion Complexities

    Our labs continuously assess corrosion threats and create inventive chemical solutions. The DOSAS Technical teams carefully choose the best ways to apply these chemicals, enhancing integrity management programs, optimizing overall operational costs, and enhancing health, safety, and environmental outcomes.