Corrosion Inhibitor Solutions

DOSAS oilfield corrosion inhibitors are used to effectively reduce the corrosion rate of a metal exposed to corrosive environments....

Corrosion Inhibitor Solutions

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DOSAS provides industry-approved corrosion inhibitor solutions that meet the highest standards of testing, using a breadth of experience that spans the entire process from oil and gas exploration to production. We use our exceptional knowledge in the oil and gas industry and proactive analysis approaches, to improve and prolong asset integrity.

In oilfield operations throughout the production, processing and transportation of oil and gas, the presence of corrosive agents in flowlines and tubulars encourages an electrochemical reaction causing materials to weaken and deteriorate. This has major environmental consequences with high economic impact related to remedial costs for the pipelines, refinery facilities, downhole tubing and equipment.
DOSAS oilfield corrosion inhibitor solutions are used effectively to reduce the corrosion rate of metals exposed to corrosive environments, thereby extending their lifetime. By intrinsic potential of their adsorption on the solid surfaces, corrosion inhibitors are surface-active agents with a unique purpose; to protect assets.

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Among our chemical products, DOSAS has dedicated a number of its formulated corrosion inhibitor solutions to control and prevent the corrosion reactions and subsequently enhance the efficiency of oilfield operations. Our family of Corfix™ Corrosion Inhibitors contribute to consistent and effective management of the life cycle of oil & gas facilities.

Product Name


CorFix™ 180 Corrosion Inhibitor Film-forming corrosion inhibitor
Dual Function Inhibitor High imidazoline content oil-soluble corrosion inhibitor

In the last few decades, several Chelating Agent Solution have been proposed to remove and mitigate formation damage to improve the productivity and injectivity of oil and gas wells. Scales are one of the most severe forms of formation that can lead to clogging and prevent fluid flow in the wellbore, production tubing, valve, casing, perforations and downhole equipment. ChelaTreat™ are widely applicable in various oilfield applications like completion, stimulation, pickling and scale removal to dissolve undesirable precipitation such as SrSO4, BaSO4 and CaCO3 and iron scales. Furthermore, they can prevent iron precipitation during acidizing and fracturing processes.

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Your customized corrosion control solution will deliver several long-term benefits to your production system.

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